Now Slim Capsules

Now Slim Capsules

Clinically proven way to lose weight

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Now Slim Capsules

Now Slim Food

Only 6 calories per serving

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Now Slim Capsules

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Shhhhh… The slimming industry’s next best kept secret

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Happy Customers

What our customers are saying about us!

“Fantastic product. Brilliant service always. Highly recommend”

Now Slim 3G Capsules - Now Slim 3G Capsules

“Hi there, I have been taking Now slim pills day & night since last September. I had FANTASTIC results I am not sure how much weight I lost , as I don’t bother with the scales but from size 12-14 I am now wearing size 10. I think that the now slim pills along side with sensible low calorie eating, exercise and an effort to drink water, were the perfect combination.” *

David, Manchester - Now Slim Day and Night Capsules

“I’m trying out the new ‘fasting’ diet and go a long time without food. When I start to hear my tummy growl I just take one of these!

They’re mint flavoured just like the fresh breath strips u can buy. They definitely work for me. I would say they take about 30 minutes to really ward off the cravings.” *

Now Slim Hunger Strips - Miranda R

“They work. Just give your body 24hrs to get used to it, when you feel hungry take one strip on your tongue, don’t drink water after that maybe 30 mins later…” *

871397758918094 - Simon - Now Slim Hunger Strips

“Started working in about 10 minutes! Didn’t think they would work but they really did!”*

Now Slim Hunger Strips - Sophie Kelly

“They really work, when I have more appetite,it gets me in control. I just wish the package had more.”*

Now Slim Hunger Strips - Nuno Monteiro

*Disclaimer: Product results may vary per individual and results displayed in testimonials are not typical. Products are intended for use in conjunction with a diet and exercise regime. Results may vary. All testimonies displayed on this website are 100% genuine.