Let us introduce you to our unique product, the Now Slim Hunger Strips. Each packet contains 24 tiny oral Now Slim hunger strips, encased in a handy micro container, each strip especially designed to help stop your snacking urges.

Now Slim Hunger strips contain a special blend of Guarana Seed extract, Now Slim have combined this proven extract with state of the art ultra thin edible strips which dissolve instantly in the mouth. Calorie free, sugar free, convenient, pleasant to take and suitable for vegetarians.

DIRECTIONS: Simply remove one Hunger Strip from the carry case, then place the Hunger strip on your tongue and let it dissolve. Take one when ever you feel like snacking and it will help keep your hunger at bay until it’s the right time to eat.

Corn Starch, Guarana Seed Extract, Alginic Acid(stabiliser), Maltitol, Natural Mint Flavour, Acesulfame K(sweetener), Cellulose, Glycerin, Brilliant Blue(colour).