Now Slim Caspules contain clinically proven ingredients



Clinical vs placebo pilot study , performed on 16 women checked efficacy of Satiereal® contained inNow Slim 4G :

Results after 28 days of supplementation :

  • 100% of supplemented women express the decrease of their food intake associated to a satiety feeling, to a decrease of the hunger feeling in the beginning of meals and a decrease of the meals duration.
  • Decrease of body weight and fat mass for the supplemented subjects versus the placebo group.
  • Decrease of the desire and pleasure associated to the food intake mass for the supplemented subjects versus the placebo group.

Results after 8 weeks of supplementation :

  • Significant decrease of body weight for the supplemented group (- 0,96 ± 0,26kg) versus the placebo group(-0.01 ± 1.46 kg).
  • Number of snacking decreased by 55% for the supplemented group (p<0,05) versus 28% in the placebo group (p<0,05), versus their respective baseline.
  • 68,8% of the women from the Satiereal® group saw their hunger feeling decrease at the end of the study, versus 54% in the control group.
  • 70% of the subjects from the supplemented group feel that Satiereal® decreased their need of snacking between meals.