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Now Slim 3 Day and Night Capsule Bundle With 24 Hunger Strips

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“These actually work, just put one on your tongue when you are feeling Hungry and the hunger pains go for a couple of hours”

(feedback received 2016)

Now Slim 3G Day & Night Capsules With Hunger Strips

3 Day and Night Bundle, With 24 Hunger Strips

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100% natural and suitable for vegetarians

1 x Now Slim 3G Day Capsules – 3 Day Supply

1 x Now Slim 3G Night Capsules – 3 Night Supply

1 x Now Slim Hunger Strips, 24 Strips



Now Slim Hunger Strips


  • hunger strips
  • Each packet contains 24 tiny oral Now Slim hunger strips, encased in a handy micro container. Each strip has been specially designed to help you control your snacking urges.
  • Now Slim Hunger strips contain a special blend of Guarana Seed, Now Slim have combined this proven extract with state of the art ultra thin edible strips which dissolve instantly in the mouth.
  • Hunger Strips are 100% Calorie free and sugar free, convenient, pleasant to take and suitable for vegetarians.


DIRECTIONS: Simply remove one Hunger Strip from the carry case, then place the Hunger strip on your tongue and let it dissolve. Take one when ever you feel like snacking and it will help keep your hunger at bay until it’s the right time to eat.

Now Slim 3G Capsules

  • 100% NATURAL INGREDIENT FORMULA: By containing nothing but organic ingredients that we have been thoroughly researching for the past 15 years, this great dietary supplement has one of the most effective, yet natural formulas in the market!
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  • EFFECTIVELY CONTROL YOUR APPETITE: Our 3G slimming pills are up to 40% more effective than most similar products, significantly reducing your food intake and appetite and helping you manage your weight as part of a calorie controlled diet!
  • GET RID OF YOUR BODY FAT FAST: Thanks to the process of Thermogenesis, which is the latest breakthrough in natural rapid weight loss, these innovative capsules can help you eliminate excess body fat quickly and reach that ideal weight you’ve been dreaming of!
  • SUPERIOR PRODUCTION QUALITY: Our 15 years of experience in the weight control field, along with our products being stocked in major supermarkets and seen in all top UK magazines tell much more about our production quality than we could ever tell you!


Now Slim Day capsules contain natural ingredients which have properties linked to weight loss, they operate using a unique process.



Now Slim Slimmer Of The Year Uses Hunger Strips Alongside The Full Now Slim Range



A Dependable Solution From A Trustworthy Source!

Now Slim has been in the health and beauty industry for over 15 years and is one of the oldest brands in the Weight Management sector. And when you are selling in such a wide and demanding market, it’s not an easy thing to earn your clients’ trust; natural ingredients, continuously improving formulas and state-of-the-art production processes are what have made our products known all over the United Kingdom!
Give them a try and see for yourself the reason why!




Now Slim 3G Day Capsule Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, adults 1-2 capsules near to 10am and 1-2 capsules near to 3pm.

Now Slim Night Capsules Recommended Use: as a dietary supplement, adults 1-2 capsules before bed time.

Now Slim Hunger Strips: Simply remove one Hunger Strips from the carry case, then place the hunger strips on your tongue and let it dissolve, take one whenever you feel like snacking.


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