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About Now Slim
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Now Slim products have been on sale worldwide for almost 2 decades.  The Now Slim range consists of four hugely successful products, all of which have been seen regularly in top selling magazines since their launch. Now Slim strive to be the most innovative in the industry and are constantly … Read More

Success Stories
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The biggest question we always hear is does Now Slim REALLY work? Well we’d rather you read some feedback from now slim customers than listen to us telling you it simply works. Now Slim receives feedback on a daily basis. Here’s just a fraction of feedback from Now Slim Customers: … Read More

Learn about Now Slim Oral Spray
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The surprising secret So… now for the secret; well the secret is that this is a product that is based upon the one proven tried and tested technique that never fails when trying to lose weight: And that is (quite simply) to eat less. How, exactly, this product helps you … Read More

Now Slim Oral Spray The Revolution in Slimming