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The surprising secret

So… now for the secret; well the secret is that this is a product that is based upon the one proven tried and tested technique that never fails when trying to lose weight: And that is (quite simply) to eat less. How, exactly, this product helps you with easy to say tough to achieve task is really the clever part and it involves four ingredients which are powerful alone and wonderfully potent together.

An effective weight loss product: has to be be complex… right?

Wrong! The instructions for using this patent pending product are pretty simple, by all accounts:

Simply spray 3 to 4 times under your tongue up to 4 times a day. We recommend 3 to 4 weeks use for best results.

The four not so magical yet completely effective key ingredients

28986423_l-150x150Garcinia Cambogia

Garcia Cambodia (also known as Malabar tamarind) is a tropical fruit that specifically blocks your body’s ability to produce fat cells; this then works with a duel effect of a lessening of your appetite.




demo_img_09-150x150Green Coffee Bean

Caffeine is one of the most feature rich food stuffs in existence; it provides energy, yet is low in calories and it has been found to have health benefits for the prevention of serious illnesses, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Green coffee beans may be considered as particularly effective as they are those that are yet to be roasted and as such have higher levels of chlorogenic acid: the key chemical that provides the aforementioned benefits.



Saffron is renowned for being the most expensive spice in the world and it seems that despite many extolling the benefits of this versatile spice for hundreds of years it has only been recently that the scientific world has discovered it for both its ability to treat depression and, consequently, explored its potential to aid with the mental challenges involved with losing weight.



21219789_l-150x150Acai Berry extracts

Acai Berry extracts are one of the longest serving ingredients that has been used within the weight loss world; it is nutrient rich in anti-oxidants (which naturally cleanses the body); it burns fat more efficiently through speeding up metabolism and it cuts down on your cravings.



guarantee-300x30030 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you've been looking for the perfect diet product for any longer than a little while then we’re guessing that you may be feeling pretty deflated. And let’s face it, ours is an industry that is full of misleading products that over promise and under deliver which unsurprisingly leads to dieters becoming disillusioned with claims such as ours.


The dieting industry and why we should be your trusted experts

The question then that you most likely have on your lips is “Why should I trust you?”. Well, for a start, we understand the dieting industry like no other. We've seen it all over our 15 years in business and we know what works, what doesn't and how dieters feel until they strike upon that product that sees them losing weight.

However all of this may mean little to you until you've experienced those pounds falling off with our scientifically backed spray. For this reason we offer a no quibble, 100% guaranteed refund on our Now Slim Oral Slimming spray, so you have peace of mind and we quietly know that you’ll never need use it.

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